It’s one of the most common questions we get: Why should I use an LTL shipping company when I can just hire a trucking company?

And we understand your hesitance. In this blog post, we’ll try to answer that question, along with some other common questions we hear about the LTL shipping world.

  1. Why pick an LTL carrier when I can just hire a trucking company myself?

An LTL shipping company such as Move Freight contracts with larger, independent carriers who offer us discounted rates because of the volume of business we bring them.

We can then pass those savings onto you. In most cases, the rate we quote is lower than what you’d get directly from the carrier due to the concept of economies of scale.

We can also deal directly with the carrier when it comes to tracking, damages, improperly routed shipments, etc. We know the industry and are used to dealing with carriers on a regular basis. We can get answers in situations that the average shipper might find frustrating, or simply may not have the time to deal with.

What are the other benefits of an LTL shipping company?

Aside from the advantages we mentioned above, an LTL shipping company serves as a one-stop shop.

Before third-party shippers came along, companies who wanted to transport goods would need one carrier for enclosed dry vans, one for flatbed goods, another for expedited shipments, etc.

Many of our customers are so bogged down by the everyday aspects of their jobs that they don’t have the time to nail down shipping details. Let us do that for you, then reconnect with you to discuss time requirements and other details. If you get an LTL shipping rate you want, you can book immediately or visit our website to book the load online.

Do you carry cargo insurance for my goods?

While we don’t carry cargo insurance required to transport your freight, we also do not work with any carriers who can’t provide us with proof of valid, active insurance. This information is kept on file at our office and can be provided to you upon request.

We also refuse to work with any carrier who has lower than A or B safety and performance rating. We ask to see these ratings and insurance requirements before approving any carrier.

What happens if my freight is damaged en route?

An LTL shipping company like Move Freight will typically know if your goods are damaged in transit before you do, as we track our shipments daily.

When a shipment is damaged, we first contact the carrier to see how the goods were signed for. If the damage was noted on the bill of lading or delivery receipt, we will file a claim with the carrier using an invoice for replacement provided by the customer.

Reliable LTL shipping from Move Freight

A third-party LTL shipping company like Move Freight can save you time and money by matching your freight to the right equipment and carrier.

We’ll compare multiple carriers for competitive rates, dispatching and tracking shipments, and can even help you with claims if necessary. Contact us today to learn more, or visit our testimonials page to see what other customers have to say about their experiences with us.


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