Shipping Industry Shipping and logistics has always been an industry sensitive to the going ons of the world. COVID-19, or coronavirus, has impacted nearly every industry in ways large and small, we are no exception. LTL shipping has always been valued for its flexibility compared to other shipping options.

Delay in Administrative Affairs and Invoicing

While this is certainly a case by case thing that depends on the company, as a whole, communications have become delayed or muddled from the disruption to various systems because of COVID. People working remotely when they are not accustomed to it, there may be changes in staff and even basic person to person functions must respect social distancing requirements.

These minor changes and alterations to communication can result in administrative inconsistencies which affect invoicing and office functionality.

Strict Health Regulations Can Suddenly Alter Shipping Industry Logistics

If a worker in a terminal tests positive for COVID, it can significantly delay or shutdown a terminal depending on how much contact that worker had with others and what shifts they work. It is in the nature of logistics and shipping to be interconnected, and that goes for the workers too. In this case, that works against the process as a positive test could lead to a one to two week delay in some respects.

Service Guarantees Are Out the Window

Many shipping companies once prided themselves on their shipping guarantee for arrival at a certain date. As a service, this is nigh impossible to guarantee any longer because of the sheer uncertainty of whether parts of the chain will operate as intended. While guaranteed shipments are temporarily suspended in most cases, shippers will still place greater focus on moving along shipments that have been designated to be expedited.

No Touch Delivery Receipts

The vast majority of delivery based businesses have incorporated some form of non-touch delivery confirmations as part of their efforts to limit unnecessary contact due to COVID. Shipping is no exception as much of the integrity of the logistics chain depends on the adequate checking and signing of invoices, delivery receipts, etc. While this is a perfectly acceptable stop-gap solution, many are concerned at the effect this may have in the long term when trying to verify the integrity of thousands of deliveries over time. The concern is that delivery receipts and other such paperwork will not be adequately handled as contact time between two individuals is limited.

Shipping Industry Logistics Going Forward in the COVID Era

The logistics industry is one of the most flexible and adaptive industries out there. The history of the industry has been nothing but tales of adapting to rapidly changing circumstances, LTL shipping is no exception. While many changes will occur to accommodate any unfolding events in safety or public health, how shipping proceeds is largely dependent on the items themselves.

For example, the businesses that have steadily remained open have been relatively unimpacted because supply concerns were never an issue. For example, there has been a little delay in the shipment of medical supplies—quite the opposite, shortages have been a result in product being quickly moved around.

LTL Shipping Glendale CA

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