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Everyone knows that a good sitcom is only as good as all of it’s cast members. For me… This is true for a carrier service as well. The People, Service, & Price must all be good. MoveFreight provides people for me to work with that are equally capable to handle anything that I throw their way, familiar people who know me when I call. They created a trust for me to lean on. This is important to me. They are always happy to help in any way. I never feel worried when I leave an order in their hands. And if I am worried…They are happy to alleviate my fears no matter how many times I call. Services don’t end there. If there ever is a need to file a claim or search for missing items, which has been a rare occasion for me, MoveFreight’s Customer Service is very responsive in assisting me without any hassle or delays you get with common carrier’s. MoveFreight offers & delivers customer service & the people to carry out their promise that I feel is a cut above & beyond what you will find with most common carrier’s.


Alice Dye

Silicon Valley Shelving Eq. Co., Inc

Sr. Sales Coordinator


MoveFreight as a whole is nothing short of fantastic. I have had many problems in the past dealing with carriers direct and since I’ve started using MoveFreight exclusively, I’ve had nothing but peace of mind. Their customer service and communication is unparalleled. The fully functional website is also a breeze to use and makes everything easier. There is also a sense of personal relationship/partnership that MoveFreight exemplifies and I, for one, find that invaluable. In my experience, I have never come across another freight company that makes my company and I feel so valued and not just like another run of the mill customer. From an effort standpoint, they go above and beyond what you would expect from a company to work for you, or to find a way to make it work for you. I can’t say enough about the manner in which MoveFreight conducts themselves and their operation. I would not think twice about recommending them to ANYONE who was in need of freight services. Keep up the solid work.


Charles McAfee

Senior Buyer

Katzkin Leather Interiors


Dear Cliff,

I wanted to take this time to let you know how much I appreciate the time and effort you and your staff take with my account. MoveFreight has been willing to work with me on some of my more difficult deliveries and been able to give me competitive pricing. The most important reason for using MoveFreight is the comfort level I have that the freight will be delivered when scheduled. I realize that many things happen with trucking companies but MoveFreight has gone above the call of duty to make sure my shipments reach their destination when scheduled. My customer base has tight schedules with their events and on time delivery is essential. So thank you to your team at MoveFreight for making my job a little easier.


Barry Waldron


MoveFreight has been a great logistics resource for our small rapidly growing company. They have consistently delivered time-sensitive LTL and TL shipments for us on the dates promised. Once we turn over a shipment to MoveFreight, we can be confident our shipment will be delivered to our partners timely and on the date required. They track and follow up on shipments ensuring timely delivery and keep us informed on our shipments progress. Utilizing MoveFreight as our primary logistics provider allows us to focus on our skin-care business which is what we do best, and using MoveFreight as our logistics provider allows them to do what they best. As a result of our partnership we all excel at meeting the demands of our customers and our business enabling our continued growth.


George Stewart

Director of Operations and Logistics

Kate Somerville Skin Care LLC

“You can count on MoveFreight to get the job done. Fast and economical rating, prompt service, and superb customer service. The best freight broker I have used in my 40 year career”


Michael Lacey

Sales Partner

Silicon Valley Shelving & Equipment Co., Inc.